Things that you can learn in our laboratory

 From our experience, students working in our laboratory need no special knowledge of nuclear engineering. Therefore, students from a wide range of specialties like nuclear, mechanical, electrical, physical, and chemical engineering are welcome.。
 Primary research activities are based on computer simulation; however, experiments are necessary to verify the simulations. In this lab, you have chance to conduct both experiments and numerical simulations.
 Thanks to this education philosophy, our students are involved in many research and industry projects. From these experiences, they learn how to identify, adapt, and respond to the needs of industrial projects while working with international experts.
 We prepare our students to contribute solutions to the huge changes in energy demand that society will face.

Examples of recent Master thesis

・Numerical and experimental study on failure mode classification of piping components under seismic loading(PhD thesis)
・高温・高圧荷重を受ける機器構造不連続部の破壊メカニズムに関する研究(Master thesis)
・熱成層界面ゆらぎにより配管曲がり部に発生する熱応力の特性に関する研究(Master thesis)
・地震荷重による構造物の進行性変形の発生条件およびメカニズムに関する研究(Master thesis)
・配管熱疲労に関する等価応力振幅を用いた信頼性評価手法の研究(Master thesis)
・多孔板の応力再配分メカニズムと非弾性挙動評価法に関する研究(Master thesis)
・Study on the Frequency Response Characteristics of Thermal Stress Induced by Thermal Stratification Phenomenon in SFR Vessels(Master thesis)
・Reliability Analysis of a Mixing Tee Considering Loading and Strength Uncertainties to Prevent Fatigue Failure(Master thesis)
・クリープ変形によるひずみ集中現象のメカニズム解明に関する研究(Graduation thesis)
・熱伝達係数の不確実性を考慮したT字合流配管の熱疲労破損確率の評価(Graduation thesis)

Placement Information

Hitachi、Toshiba、Mitsubishi Heavy Industries、Kyushu Electric Power 、Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals、Asahi Glass、Procter & Gamble、Chiyoda Chemical、Nikon、etc

Video introduction of the laboratory

A 5-minute video explaining the outline of our laboratory. Please click the following link.