Attitudes to focus on in the laboratory

・ Philosophy
 Truth(truth、greatness、sincerity、honesty)/Good(altruism、compassion、good mood)/ Beauty(centrism、order、mind of enjoyment)
 礼儀(挨拶、身だしなみ)/時間厳守(思いやりのひとつ)/守秘義務// 社会人としての振る舞い
 順序 / 論理思考(MECE、思考展開図)/整理(物、情報、思考、佐藤可士和氏著作参照)
・Self-reliance and cooperation

Hiercharchy of ability

 Wisdom is an uncertain world concept which requires experience with considerations to metaphysical changes.
 Knowledge requires education and intention, and can be acquired through hard work.
 Skill is acquired and employed quickly, in the same manner it disappears quickly.

What knowledge to acquire in the laboratory?

Programs to develop people and society awareness

・Within the school: Cooperation with other laboratories such as Prof. Demachi's, meeting organization for research synergy throughout the engineering school. Collaboration with Systems Innovation department, Mechanical Engineering department etc...
・Collaboration with professional organizations and society: Various research projects with the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineering、Japanese Society of Atomic Energy、the High Pressure Institute of Japan.
・Collaboration with public entities: Various research projects with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MEXT)、the Ministry of Economy and Trade (METI)、Japanese Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA).
・Collaboration with companies: Collaborative research with plant makers and simulation code makers.
・International collaboration: Periodic information exchange with ASME, CEA, Areva, EDF, etc...
・Researching information technology (IT): Research on the implementation of IT to support and promote the cooperation among regulation entities, industry, academia, and government.