Most important fields of study

1. Material Science
2. Fundamental Mechanics
3. Application project
4. Field project

Relevant Courses Department of Nuclear engineering and Management, School of Engineering(Hongo)

1. Reactor Engineering E
2. Nuclear Plant Engineering E
3. Fast Reactor Design Exercise
Graphic Viewing on FR Technology
4. Next generation advanced nuclear systems

School of Engineering, Department of Nuclear engineering(Tokai)

1. Nuclear Structural Engineering
2. Mechanics of Materials/Nuclear Structural Engineering Exercise

Light Water Reactor and Fast Breeder Reactor

A comparison of light water reactor (LWR) and fast breeder reactor (FBR) designs is shown below. In FBR, the coolant temperature range is higher but the working pressure is lower allowing thinner vessel design. However, given these high temperature conditions, stress caused by thermal transients becomes the dominant load。 Furthermore, due to high temperature working conditions, cyclic temperature transients such as ratcheting induce creep deformation and elastic-plastic behaviour of the materials leading to important fatigue damage.